Impaired Driving

Specialized Impaired driving lawyers In Winnipeg

Don’t let one incident ruin your life!

Protect your record from being blemished with a criminal charge with the help of an experienced driving offence lawyer. Every year thousands of drivers in Winnipeg face impaired driving charges and many end up getting fines and jail time for it. With the help of one of the most successful impaired driving lawyers, you can avoid getting sentences and even keep your driving license!

Impaired driving is a term used to refer to driving under the influence of a drug or alcohol. Often people don’t realize they have had too many drinks and cross the legal blood alcohol limit. While it is dangerous to be driving under the influence, one mistake should not blemish your record or affect your life drastically.

Gerri Wiebe – one of the best impaired driving lawyers in Winnipeg

Empowered with over 15 years of experience working as a criminal defense lawyer, Gerri has earned a reputation for herself. Her dedication, attention to detail and knowledge of laws pertaining to DUI offenses make her a top choice for people facing impaired driving charges.

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