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Have you been a victim of any kind of assault charges and need an experienced assault lawyer to represent and defend your civil rights and liberties using the best of their abilities? Gerri Wiebe is an experienced assault lawyer practicing in Winnipeg, enjoying a highly accomplished reputation as a criminal defense lawyer. Gerri has extensive experience dealing with different types of assault charge cases. She has helped hundreds of clients by successfully defending such charges and avoiding jail time or heavy fines. Her expertise in dealing with assault charges is backed by her dedication and commitment to protecting her client.

What Are Assault Charges?

Winnipeg assault law specialist, Gerri Wiebe has defended several criminal assault cases – both simple and complicated. These assault allegations may consist of domestic assault, aggravated assault, sexual assault, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm.

There are a few basic fundamentals that make up an “assault.” For an individual to be convicted of assault law, the Crown Prosecutor must assure the court, beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • That the Defendant applied force indirectly or directly to the Complainant
  • That the Defended were intentional to apply force
  • That the complainant did not consent to the use of force by the accused.

If the court happens to be unconvinced beyond a reasonable doubt of each of the factors above, the accused will be pledged not guilty. However, the definition of Assault in the Criminal Code of Canada has recently been updated and now criminalizes “attempts” as well as “threats” of assault.

Gerri has won multiple assault trials. She has also negotiated to have many assault charges withdrawn or stayed by the Crown Prosecutor.

Why Gerri Wiebe?

Gerri Wiebe – The Best Assault Lawyer In Winnipeg

Do you find yourself facing serious domestic assault charges? Or have you been burdened with a preposterous sexual assault case? It’s time for you to consult with one of the finest Winnipeg assault lawyers. Gerri Wiebe has extensive experience and expertise, along with the right attitude required to put up a solid defense against the charges to get rid of them. Unfair assault charges can affect your life immensely as you could be potentially looking at years of jail time along with hefty fines and restrictions. But with Gerri Wiebe, you can get a powerful and effective legal defense, which could help you avoid strict sentences. With the right defense strategy, you are most likely to get away with jail time or fines!

Looking For The Best Assault Lawyer In Winnipeg? Get In Touch With Gerri Wiebe

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer can be quite a challenge, especially when you are under a lot of stress from legal charges. However, opting for a criminal defense lawyer with a good reputation and record can ensure a victory for you in court. Gerri Wiebe has established herself as one of the most reputable criminal defense lawyers for clients facing serious assault cases. Empower yourself with the right legal expert. Call Gerri Wiebe today and get your legal defense started now! With your best assault lawyer in Winnipeg at your side, you can get rid of all assault charges against you in no time.

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